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Hand in Paw's Code of Conduct
Hand in Paw is committed to the highest ethical standards in all its activities and for all volunteers and employees. This commitment extends to the manner in which we treat each other and in the services we provide.

I understand the special nature of Hand in Paw requires a loving, well-disciplined relationship between companion animals and their guardians. As a Hand in Paw volunteer, I agree to strive for excellence, fulfilling all my duties with a high level of dedication and professionalism. I certify that all the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge. If accepted into the program, I will adhere to the requirements and standards specified by Hand in Paw.

Every volunteer and staff member agrees to operate under the highest standards of personal conduct and hereby agrees to abide by the following code of conduct in order to assure the highest operating principles in all interactions with volunteers, staff, board members, advisory council members, those we serve and the public:

  1. I will not attempt to exercise individual authority over the organization.
  2. I will respect the dignity, values and opinions of each Hand in Paw staff member, fellow volunteer and of those within the facilities we serve.
  3. I am committed to positive and constructive forms of interaction.
  4. I recognize that differing viewpoints are healthy in the decision-making process and make for a well-rounded organization. However, I will accept as final those decisions made by the HIP board/staff.
  5. I will not create barriers to carrying out the mission of Hand in Paw.
  6. I will do nothing to violate the trust of those with whom we work and serve.
  7. I will represent the interests of all people served by Hand in Paw and not favor special interests inside or outside Hand in Paw.
  8. I will not disclose confidential information about Hand in Paw nor about the patients/clients within the facilities the organization serves.

Hand in Paw's Mission
The mission of Hand in Paw is to improve human health and well-being through Animal-Assisted Therapy.

All volunteers, staff, board members and advisory council members will make the mission a #1 priority.

Volunteers working toward a common good are the backbone of any positive nonprofit experience.

If accepted as a HIP volunteer, I pledge to uphold the principles set forth in this code of conduct.